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In light of the new Government guidelines. All city & guilds course will re-start from 1st April 2021 including 2391 inspection & testing, 18th Edition and EV electric vehicle charging.
All learners who have already booked will be contacted from 23rd February 2021 to be offered the next available date. Please note: We will have limited office staff working, so please be patient and you will be contacted to discuss courses dates.

We apologies for any inconvenience caused and thank you for your understanding.
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2346-03 EWR Experienced Work Route

City & Guilds EWR Electrical Experienced Worker Route (2346-03)

So we can establish you qualify for the 2346-03 EWR. Please can all learners complete the following fillable forms and forward to

The new EWR 2346-03 will be replacing the 2356-99 MCA (mature candidate assessment) and will require the learner to hold new and additional qualifications before you can be enrolled.
The current MCA 2356-99 qualification will no longer be available after the end November 2020. Certification end 2022.


The new EWR 2346-03 will use performance units from:-

  • 2357 framework and 5357 standard
  • Learners that have completed the 2365 level 2 & 3 will have the option to enrol on the
    2357-44 NVQ pathway therefore bypassing the EWR route:
  • Learners who have completed the 2330 level 2 & 3 will have the option to enrol on the
    2357-34 NVQ pathway therefore bypassing the EWR route:

Each learner will first need to complete a skill scan and background check form, before they can enrol.
These will be discussed and finalized by your allocated assessor during your professional discussion prior to being accepted on new route.
If the skill scan does not meet the criteria the assessor will advise what is required on upgrading your technical qualifications to improve your skill set and knowledge.

Each learner will need to complete all Lv3 Performance Units by building a portfolio, (Logbook available from C&G web site). These units are assessed on the course and past evidence cannot be used.
PLEASE NOTE: It is mandatory the learner achieved their 18th Edition and a 2391-50 Initial (4 day course) Verification, 2394 fundamentals Inspection & Testing or equivalent Initial Verification Qualification before booking an AM2E assessment.

Costs and breakdown charge are as follows:

  • NVQ level 3 EWR 2346-03 would be charged at £1500.00 + VAT (£1800.00 inc VAT)
    Course duration: 3-8 months
  • AM2E would be charged at £755 + VAT (£906.00 inc VAT)
    Assessment duration:- 2/3 days
  • 18th Edition would be charged at £165.83 + VAT (£199.00 inc VAT)
    Course duration: 2 days
  • 2391-50 Initial verification would be charged at £520.83 + VAT (£625.00 inc VAT) ( 4 day course)
    Course duration:- 4 days

(Recommended upgrade option to 2391-52 initial & periodic Inspect & test + FREE resit online exam for £199 inc VAT)
Course duration:- 6 days

All the above 4 courses totals to a full charge rate of £2941.66 + VAT (£3530.00 inc VAT)

AET will be offering a FULL PACKAGE DEAL including all the above 4 courses plus a free optional AM2E prep day at an all inclusive charge rate of £3299.00 inc VAT
Time to pay options are available, please call the office for more information. Please note: The 18th edition , 2391 inspection & testing and AM2E Prep day /Assessment has the option of being delivered over weekends. Please call the office for further information.

PLEASE NOTE: For more information on the EWR from JIB website or applying for a ECS JIB card while you are undertaking your portfolio assessment. Please see links below:

Units required to achieve EWR Qualification

  • Requirements for Electrical Installations (2382) City & Guilds 2382
  • Level 3 Award in Periodic Electrical Inspection and Testing (2391-50) City & Guilds 2391
  • There are six Level 3 Performance Units to be assessed before you can gain the Experienced Worker qualification: (2346-03) Level 3 Electrotechnical Experienced Worker Qualification
    1. Apply Health, Safety and Environmental Considerations
    2. Organise and Oversee the Electrical Work Environment
    3. Apply Design and Installation Practices and Procedures (109) or Applied Practices and Procedures for Maintenance (110)
    4. Terminate and Connect Conductors
    5. Inspect, Test and Commission Electrical Systems
    6. Apply Fault Diagnosis and Rectification
    7. Proxy claim 2382 claim
    8. Proxy claim 2391-50 claim


2346-03 Electrical course


Is this the right qualification for me?

The Experienced Worker Assessment is for electricians who have been working in the industry for at least 5 years (not including time spent in full or part time training) but have not formally completed an industry apprenticeship or equivalent Level 3 NVQ qualification. You will need to demonstrate knowledge, understanding and competence to the standard of the Level 3 electrotechnical apprenticeship. There is a Skills Scan at the start of the process to assess this.

How long will it take to complete the Experienced Worker Assessment?

This will depend on what evidence you already have that counts towards the qualification. For instance, if you hold the BS 7671:2018 qualification and/or the Initial Verification qualification you can eliminate the time and cost needed to gain those. We estimate anywhere between 3 and 15 months depending on what evidence you need to provide. Most of the time spent will involve portfolio building and on-site assessment of your current work.

Will there be a logbook available – Yes

How do they administer the skills scan?

The Skills Scan is designed to help assess the learner’s eligibility for the Experienced Worker Qualification. There is a self-assessment of the depth of knowledge, skill and experience expected of the assessment. The centre is then responsible for verifying the learner’s suitability and recording on the Skills Scan.

This is an auditable part of the Awarding Organisation’s external quality assurance requirements, importantly this must be undertaken by occupationally competent staff.

What is AM2E?

The AM2E is a practical assessment where you have to carry out a series of tasks covering safe isolation, installation, fault finding and inspection and testing, which are then marked by an assessor. It is identical to the AM2S assessment which is taken by apprentices at the end of their training programme. You can find out full details about each section of the AM”E and the tasks you’ll need to carry out on the NET website.




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