COVID 19 UPDATE: In light of the new Government guidelines announced on Saturday 31st October we can advise All electrical course will continue as usual through the month of November 2020:
AET have risk assessed all areas in delivery of our training courses and AM2 assessments, and we fully comply to all the Government guidelines concerning COVID 19 and are keeping to 2 meter distancing.


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2356-99 NVQ 3 Mature Candidate Assessment

All Electrical Training are now offering the new fast track NVQ Level 3 Mature Candidate Assessment. This is equivalent to the old 2356 onsite assessment.



All Electrical Training are now offering the new fast track NVQ Level 3 Mature Candidate Assessment : This is equivalent to the old 2356 onsite assessment, however you must have the following:

The candidate must have at least 5 years experience and have the technical certification older than five years old.
Must also be able to provide sufficient valid and authentic evidence from site of their previous work to demonstrate that they can fully meet the performance requirements within each unit of this qualification. References will be required, including 17th Edition and or proof of previous wiring regs 16th 15th Edition etc. This is can be used as RPL (Recognised Prior Learning) and is only part of your Mature candidate assessment: Additionally you must of at least completed one of the following:
C&G ‘A’ Certificate C&G ‘A’ certificate plus ‘B’ certificate C&G 2360 Part 1 C&G 2360 part 1 plus Part 2 C&G 2351 Level 3 C&G 2330 level 2 C&G 2330 Level 2 plus C&G 2330 Level 3.
Other UK based qualifications (such as BTEC, NC/HNC etc) may also be taken into consideration against the underpinning knowledge requirements of the award.
A CV listing previous employers and work experience with a list of installation works carried out.

  • The candidate will have to undertake a AM2 competence assessment
  • Build a portfolio under the supervision of an assessor

However, irrespective of the knowledge evidence presented, the assessment centre must be able to show through auditable evidence that the candidate has fully satisfied the knowledge requirements of each unit. The candidate will also be expected to demonstrate acceptable knowledge of the current industry requirements with respect to the IET wiring regs and inspection & Testing.
Industry assessments provided. 2356-99 NVQ Level 3 NVQ Electrotechnical services Electrical installation Building & Structures
2356-99 NVQ Level 3 NVQ Electrical Maintenance
2356-99 NVQ Level 3 Installing instrumental & associated equipment
2356-99 NVQ Level 3 Installing Public lighting systems & associated equipment
2356-99 NVQ Level 3 Panel building
2356-99 NVQ Level 3 Electrical machine repair & rewind
2356-99 NVQ Level 3 Electrotechnical services Electrical installation Building & Structures and the environment (2357)

Total cost would be charged as follows:
Mature Candidate Assessment £1320.00 INC (£1100.00 + VAT) Minimum duration 3 Months Maximum duration allowed 6 months ( this is discussed direct with assessor) Payment options are available.
AM2 competence assessment £852.00 INC (£710.00 + VAT)
AM2 prep Day (optional) £199.00 INC (£165.84 + VAT)

Please email us your CV and any copies of certification (17th Edition etc). We can then arrange an assessor to contact you and evaluate an action plan to start the process.
Also we do offer the AM2 here at our centre in Harlow. If you want discuss dates and duration please give us a call.
Please note:- you will need to complete the AM2 first before you start the portfolio assessment.
Please note:- If you cannot provide proof of 5 years work experience of achieve this course with the time period mentioned above: We will be recommending you to undertake the 2357 NVQ Level 3 onsite assessment route which involves providing the following evidence: 2357 NVQ Level 3 onsite assessment FACT SHEET


PLEASE NOTE: Once you have registered on the MCA you can apply for a ECS JIB card while you are undertaking your portfolio assessment. Please see link below: