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AM2 / AM2S Assessment

Please have a look at the following link which explains to students and apprentices about the assessment and what they are aiming towards:

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  • 1 day Preparation workshop inclusive of: Inspection & testing £199.00
  • Full Am2 Assessments
  • Re-sits for all units
  • Open 7 days a week


AM2 assessment is a practical assessment with a short online component, taken over 16.5 hours in total. During this time candidates undertake a series of timed tasks in specially equipped booths containing typical electrical installation wiring systems. The exercises include installation, inspection and testing and fault-finding and the work must comply with the current IEE Wiring Regulations and be carried out in line with Health & Safety best practice. AM2 assessment is the Assessment of Occupational Competence for candidates in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. (Scottish candidates see FICA)

TCT is committed to providing fair, equal assessments in all cases.

The AM2 competence assessment comprises four sections A – D. (Section A is split into two distinct areas which are separately marked):

  • A1 Safe Isolation and Risk Assessment (1 hour)
  • A Composite Installation (8.5 hours)
  • B Inspection and Testing (3.5 hours)
  • C Fault Diagnosis (2.5 hours)
  • D Assessment of Applied Knowledge (1 hour)
1 Day Preparation workshop: £199.00

Full AM2 assessment from 1st April 2020

  • First attempt – £710 plus VAT


  • Re-sit of Section A: £385 + VAT
  • Re-sit of Section A1: £120 + VAT
  • Re-sit of Section B: £170 + VAT
  • Re-sit of Section C1: £120 + VAT
  • Re-sit of Section C2: £180 + VAT
  • Re-sit of Section D: £120 + VAT

Full AM2S Assess 5357 standard from 1st April 2020 Apprentices ONLY

  • First attempt – £755 plus VAT


  • Re-sit of Section A: £425 + VAT
  • Re-sit of Section A1: £120 + VAT
  • Re-sit of Section B: £180 + VAT
  • Re-sit of Section C: £120 + VAT
  • Re-sit of Section D: £180 + VAT
  • Re-sit of Section E: £120 + VAT

Replacement or Duplicate Certificates:
Replacement/Duplicate AM2 Certificates – standard post: £34
Replacement AM2 certificates – Signed for delivery: £37

To Book your course please click here or call 01279 433321 for more details or advice.

AM2 Documents to download:-

AM2 Assessment & After tips 26.11

AM2 Common Candidate Errors Guide

NET Candidate Self_Assessment Checklist 2012

NET Exam Results Appeal Policy

AM2 Appeal procedure

NET Candidate Registration Form