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FESS EWA (Experienced Worker Assessment)

FESS EWA (Experienced Worker Assessment)

AET are now offering the new FESS Experienced worker assessment from our centre in Harlow.
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The FESS Experienced Worker Assessment is for people who have been working with fire, systems typically for a minimum of five years and need to qualify to the industry Level 3 benchmark.

It’s based on the same content as the FESS Apprenticeship, so both new entrants and existing workers are being assessed and accredited to the same standard.

All learners must book on the Digital assessment before they can book the FESS assessment units with an approved centre.
This includes completing the FESS EWA checklist

Once you have completed the checklist you need to register your your application whereby you will need to attach your technical qualification and completed checklist:
The registration form link is as follows:

There are three components to the assessment:

  • Digital Assessment – £660 – this is payable to NET once your application has been approved, before you can get access to the NET assess system.
  • Safe Isolation – £165 – this must be paid directly to your chosen NET-licensed centre when you book your safe isolation assessment.
  • Online Knowledge Assessment (if you are not exempt) – £165 – this must be paid directly to your chosen NET-licensed centre when you book the knowledge assessment.

These costs include all associated technical support, quality assurance and certification.

Some NET centres may charge VAT for the safe isolation and knowledge assessment – please check with your chosen centre before confirming your booking. VAT is not applicable for the digital assessment fee paid to NET.


More information is now online at
A news story is also available here:
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