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NET Cable Jointing JIB Gold Card Assessment

AM2 Assessment Centre


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Please note:- This assessment is for practicing cable jointers and NO prep day is available for trainees)

Who’s it for?

The Cable Jointing Assessment is designed for individuals who wish to practice as an L.V. Cable Jointer. It demonstrates that they have the level of competence expected by the industry in the following key occupational areas:

  • Risk Assessment, including COSHH requirements
  • Safe Isolation and Permit to Work
  • Completion of a gland and termination into a TP&N Switch Enclosure with a 90-degree bend
  • Completion of a 4 Core Through Joint
  • Testing of the installation for Insulation Resistance and Continuity
  • Completion of Documentation to include BS 7671 Schedule of Test Results Completion of Hand Over Documentation
  • Assessment of Underpinning Knowledge
  • The understanding and application of industry recognised procedures, working practices and the requirements of statutory and non-statutory regulations

What do I have to do?

The Cabling Jointing Assessment is broken down into different sections below. During some of the practical sections, you’ll be watched by the assessor. This can seem intimidating, so try to practice beforehand with a colleague watching you to get used to it.

Section A1: Safe Isolation and Risk Assessment (45 mins)
In the section you will be required to:

  • Carry out and document an assessment of risk
  • Carry out safe isolation in the correct sequence

Section A2: Completion of a Termination into a TP&N Switch Enclosure (1hr 15 mins)
Candidates will be required to demonstrate competence in the:

  • Setting the cable with a 900 bend on a proprietary rig using cable cleats
  • Selecting and fitting the correct gland
  • Termination of the cable into the switch enclosure, including lugging, crimping and connection of the cable cores.
  • Selection and fitting of the correct size of Earth Connection

Section A3: Confirm Isolation (15 mins)
To demonstrate occupational competence candidates will be expected to confirm safe isolation in the correct sequence

Section A4: Completion of a through Joint (1hr 30 mins)
Candidates will need to demonstrate occupational competence, in accordance with statutory and non-statutory regulations and approved industry working practices, in the following areas:

  • The production of a Through Joint in a 4 Core XLPE Cable. The supply side cable will be fixed in situ on a proprietary Rig.

Electrician at workSection B: Inspection and Testing of the Installation (1 hour)
You will be expected to follow practices and procedures that take into account electrically sensitive equipment. Candidates will be required to demonstrate competence in

  • The Inspection and Testing of the cable joint and termination in accordance with the requirements of BS 7671.
  • In testing for:
  • Insulation Resistance
  • Continuity
  • The completion of the following documentation.
  • BS 7671 Schedule of Test Results
  • Commissioning and Hand Over

Section C: Assessment of Underpinning Knowledge (1 hour)

  • Health and Safety Legislation and Practice
  • Safe Isolation and Permit to Work
  • Harmonised Cable Colours and Phasing
  • Cable Construction and Types
  • Internal and External Glands
  • Oxidisation
  • Compound Preparation and Pouring
  • Use and care of Tools
  • Testing

The examination will be Open Book and candidates will have access to: IET ‘On Site Guide’

The Section D assessment will last for one hour and be in the form of a computerised multiple-choice test. Candidates will be expected to answer 30 questions and achieve a minimum pass mark of 70% (21 correct answers).

Please note:
There are different cards regarding LV cable jointing – Assistant Jointer, Jointer (Green stripe) and Jointer (Gold Stripe).

The Gold card is only available to those who have met the NVQ Level 3 requirement plus completed the NET Assessment.

The Jointer (Green stripe) is for those who have only completed the NET Assessment.

Assistant Jointer is available on the same requirements as Electrical Labourer or Cable Hand (Level 1 Health and Safety or underpinning technical certificate). Obviously, much with an Electrical Labourer, the role and the expectations of what someone should be able to undertake will differ and this is not a skilled role, but a position for people to gain the necessary experience while in training.

It is not possible to get a Jointer’s card (at either grading of Jointer or Approved Jointer) without the NET Assessment.

Without the NET assessment the card will say Assistant Jointer rather than Jointer.

Charge rates:

  • Full assessment (first sitting or resit of all sections) = £635 (2 Assessments at the same time/date) or if only 1 person £900.
  • Section A cable jointing (this is the section that uses the material so larger cost) = £485.
  • Section B inspect and test = £130.
  • Section C knowledge exam = £130.

Please call the office on 01279 433321 to check for availability.

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