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City & Guilds 2347-03 Domestic EWA NVQ level 3

Course Details

City & Guilds number 2347-03 Domestic Experienced Worker Assessment

Entry requirements: Prerequisite requirements for entry:
Minimum of three years’ industry experience practising as an electrician
An industry recognised qualification ( Please see list below)
A Skills Scan must be completed as part of the initial assessment for learner entry on to this qualification Assessment Portfolio of evidence. Please complete skill scan.
Grading Pass/Fail

  • Duration:3-5 Months
  • Assessment type: Onsite assessment / Assessor
  • Enrolment: Anytime
  • Awarding Body: City & Guilds
  • Age group approved: 19+
  • EWA NVQ charge rate: £1450 + VAT (£1740 inc VAT)
  • AM2ED charge rate: £1300 + VAT (£1560 inc VAT)

Additionally the learner must hold:
A current industry recognised Level 3 Award in the requirements for electrical installations (BS 7671) 18th Edition
A current industry recognised Level 3 qualification in Initial and Periodic Inspection and Testing of Electrical Installations or equivalent 2391-52 (These can be completed before or during the EWA process)


Important information
This qualification is designed solely for those have been working in the electrical industry as a practicing electrician for a minimum of three years and who can demonstrate their technical knowledge, performance and competence to the industry standard at Level 3.
It forms part of enabling the experienced worker to apply for an ECS Installation Electrical Gold Card. This qualification is not suitable for new entrants to the electrical industry, apprentices, or other operatives who require any training, or those who have completed an electrical technical certificate with less than three years’ relevant industry experience. Where the learner cannot provide documented evidence of previous technical qualifications, or they have qualified outside the UK, the Assessor must provide auditable evidence that the knowledge and understanding evidence of each unit has been satisfied.

Learners must work toward units in accordance with relevant health and safety legislation. This is particularly important when working at heights, inspecting and testing, and diagnosing faults. Where cited legislation and regulations are not applicable (for example, where the qualification is being delivered outside of England) then substitutions applicable to the learner’s jurisdiction can be made. Meeting the assessment requirements of performance outcomes will need initial discussions and assessment planning between the learner and assessor as an essential activity to identify opportunities to assess real working environment evidence, gaps that need to be filled, or opportunities to recognise the prior achievement of the learner.

Learner entry requirements
Learners must also hold an industry recognised Level 2 Diploma in Electrical Installations (Buildings and Structures) or equivalent prior to entry on this qualification. A Skills Scan must be completed as part of the initial assessment for learner entry on to this qualification. It is a requirement that prior to undertaking this qualification, learners must have their suitability assessed by completing the Domestic Electrician Experienced Worker Assessment Skills Scan. Training providers must carry out a recorded or documented technical discussion to confirm that the prospective learner has up to date knowledge to a Level 3 standard across all areas of the Skills Scan. Learners must hold at least one of the qualification listed below.

Please see below accepted qualifications from the EAS Qualifications Guide.

Qualification Title Awarding Organisation Qualification Numbers:

  1. Level 2 Certificate in Electrotechnical Technology City & Guilds 2330
  2. Level 2 Certificate for Domestic Electrical Installers EAL 500/4385/7
  3. Level 2 Certificate in Electrical Installations City & Guilds 603/0228/8
  4. Level 2 Intermediate Diploma in Electrical Installations EAL 601/4561/4
  5. Level 2 Diploma in Electrical (Buildings and Structures) City & Guilds 600/5498/0
  6. Level 2 Diploma in Electrical Installation EAL 600/6724/X
  7. Level 3 NVQ Diploma in Installing Electrotechnical Systems and Equipment (Building Structures and the Environment) City & Guilds EAL 501/2232/0 501/1605/8
  8. NVQ Level 3 Electrotechnical Services (Installation, Buildings and Structures) City & Guilds SQA 100/2854/7 G7NY23
  9. Level 3 NVQ/Diploma in Electrotechnical Services EAL 500/3526/5 EAL 100/4720/7 SQA 100/3104/2 Level 3 Advanced Technical Diploma in Electrical Installation City & Guilds 601/7307/5
  10. EAL 601/4563/8
  11. Level 3 Diploma in Electrical Installation (Buildings and Structures) City & Guilds 600/5499/2
  12. Level 3 Diploma in Electrical Installation EAL 600/9331/6
  13. Level 3 IVQ Advanced Diploma in Electrical installation City & Guilds 500/6029/6
  14. Level 3 SVQ Electrical Installation SQA Advanced Diploma in Engineering and Technology
  15. Level 3 Award/Certificate in Building Engineering (Electrical) ABC Awards 500/3925/8 ABC Awards 500/5528/8
  16. Electrical Installation Course Work (A and B Certificates)
  17. City & Guilds N/A Level 3 Certificate in Electrical Installation Work C Course City & Guilds 100/1291/6
  18. Certificate in Electrical and Electronic Craft Studies City & Guilds 236 Part 1 and Part 2
  19. City & Guilds 2360 Part 1 and Part 2, City & Guilds 2367 and 2368, City & Guilds 51A and 51B (A and B Certs)
  20. Level 3 Certificate in Electrical Installation Theory and Practice Part 2 City & Guilds 100/1290/4
  21. NVQ Level 3 Electrical Installation Engineering City & Guilds 100/1292/8
  22. Level 3 Certificate in Knowledge of Electrical Installation Engineering City & Guilds
  23. NVQ Level 3 in Installation and Commissioning Electrotechnical Systems City & Guilds Q1052155
  24. Level 3 Certificate in Electrotechnical Technology Installation (Building and Structures) City & Guilds 100/3602/7
  25. Full Technological Certificate in Telecommunications City & Guilds
  26. SCOTVEC Modules in Electrical Installation SCOTVEC (1985-1995)
  27. Scottish Joint Industry Board Electrical Contracting Industry Craftsman Certificate SJIB

If a learner holds another equivalent qualification not listed above which you think is relevant to the knowledge required, please contact EWA for further guidance.

Learners with qualifications gained outside of the UK
This qualification has been designed to take into account the existing qualifications and experience of the learner and therefore they must be able to demonstrate to an assessor their understanding of the industry theory and UK wiring and testing regulations as set out in the performance and knowledge requirements for entry on this qualification. Learners with qualifications gained outside the UK will need to meet the same requirements as any learner following this assessment route. All non-UK qualifications must have been fully evaluated by UK Naric. However, under no circumstances can any UK Naric evaluation be used against the practical performance requirements of any unit.

AM2ED resit fees to be advised:


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